Azure Energy 

Consulting and equipment

We developed a partly non-chemical, shielding, treatment for hearing voices that may disrupt the flow of voices and even stop them. For 7years we could disrupt the flow of voices with -5dB to -58dB at 50Hz attenuation electromagnetic shielding. After proving an effect with electroencephalograph (eeg) we improved the electromagnetic shielding to -154dB at 50Hz attenuation and it was part of treatment that stopped the voices. This is a different perspective on transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), electromagnetic destimulation. A layer of Aluminium foil, also called tin foil, would be -0.006dB and ineffective compared to our engineered shields. The theory, supported by eeg, is that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and varying electromagnetic fields (EMF) from the urban environment induce potentials in people that stop healing of a problem that causes hearing voices and strange feelings. Attenuations based on material properties not structure. I have an applied physics degree. Email for more details.